You are required to read the latest guidance on Covid-19 which can be located here. Once you have read the guidance you will need to make declarations that you have read the guidance and are not in an "at-risk" group or have symptoms.
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Health Declaration
Please read this document regarding night working, declare any medication which may affect your ability to work with machinery and anything that may prevent heavy lifitng.

Then choose from the below options

Rehabilation of Offenders Act 1954
Please read this document and then choose from the below options.

Information and Declarations

We use your data in order to offer you work.

We do not use your data to try and sell you anything, and we do not share it with third parties unless it is directly related to your engagement with Swift Personnel.

We will use the information you have provided in order to assess your suitability for work. Due to the enormous volume of applications we recieve we can not reply to every applicant. Please accept our apologies in advance.

We ask for your date of birth to assess your suitability for working nights, lone working and working with alcohol and other age restricted products.

We ask for your medical status as most of our jobs involve anti-social hours, heavy lifting and other strenous activities

Your engagament is subject to our standard contract for services and holiday policy, which you will receive by email, and are required to digitally sign.

By clicking apply you consent to us storing your information and using it in the ways described above.

You will recieve an email asking you to confirm agreement to our terms. If you do not click the link in that email, your application will be discarded automatically after 72 hours.